Since 2007, Premiere Performances has presented some of classical music’s biggest names, including over 50 artists in solo recitals, and over 150 more through the Chamber Music Festival, Family Series and Chamber Music in Schools.


Haylie Ecker

Chamber Music Festival 2013

Leonard Elschenbroich

Chamber Music Festival 2013 |
Recital Series 2011
(HK Debut)

Emerson Quartet

Chamber Music Festival 2016

Escher String Quartet

Chamber Music Festival 2015 (HK Debut)

Mahan Esfahani 艾斯凡哈尼

Recital Series 2022 | Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020 | Recital Series 2019 (HK Debut)

Anthony Fernandes

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2022

Plínio Fernandes

Recital Series 2022 (HK Debut)

The Fiddlesticks

Family Series 2016

Ingrid Fliter

Chamber Music Festival 2009 |
Recital Series 2007
(HK Debut)

Mei Yi Foo 傅美兒

Recital Series 2014 (HK Debut)

Mami Fukuhara 福原真美

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

Patrick Gallois

Chamber Music Festival 2018

Pierre Génisson

Chamber Music Festival 2018

Kirill Gerstein

Recital Series 2009

Boris Giltburg

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2023

Clive Greensmith

Chamber Music Festival 2016 & 2015

David Greilsammer 格拉斯曼

Recital Series 2015
Recital Series 2021

Hélène Grimaud

Chamber Music Festival 2013

Benjamin Grosvenor

Recital Series 2015
Recital Series 2023

Michael Guttman

Chamber Music Festival 2013

Augustin Hadelich

Recital Series 2017 |
Chamber Music Festival 2014
(HK Debut)

Andreas Haefliger 漢弗裏格

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2019 & 2012

Narek Hakhnazaryan 哈特拿沙揚

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020 | Recital Series 2017 & 2016 (HK Debut)

Chen Halevi

Chamber Music Festival 2010 (HK Debut)