Since 2007, Premiere Performances has presented some of classical music’s biggest names, including over 50 artists in solo recitals, and over 150 more through the Chamber Music Festival, Family Series and Chamber Music in Schools.


Alexander Ullman

Recital Series 2021

Ulysses Quartet

Pop Up Concert @ Tai Kwun (HK Debut)

István Várdai 華爾戴

Recital Series 2018 (HK Debut)

Jason Vieaux


Viva! Pipers 非凡管樂派

10th Anniversary 2017 |
Family Series 2018 & 2016
(HK Debut)

Radovan Vlatković 費拿高域

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

Anne Sofie von Otter 安妮.蘇菲.馮奧達

Recital Series 2019

Gilles Vonsattel 汪沙圖

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

Pei-Yao Wang 王佩瑤

Chamber Music Festival 2020 & 2013

Jian Wang 王健

Chamber Music Festival 2014

Yuja Wang 王羽佳

Recital Series 2009 (HK Debut)

David Washburn 沃什伯恩

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

Orion Weiss

Chamber Music Festival 2018 & 2015 (HK Debut)

Iskandar Widjaja 韋家雅

Recital Series 2016

Chiyan Wong

Recital Series 2021

Rachel Wong 汪楚萍

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

On-Yuen Wong 黃安源

Chamber Music Festival 2012

Vanessa Wai Yin Wong 黃蔚然

Recital Series 2020

The World According to James

Family Series 2013

Shai Wosner

Chamber Music Festival 2012 (HK Debut)

Wu Han 吳菡

Chamber Music Festival 2015 (HK Debut)

Matthew Wu 胡永彥

Chamber Music Festival 2013 & 2010

Lap Shan Wu 鄔立珊

Family Series 2015 & 2014

Joyce Yang 梁喜媛

Recital Series 2017 |
Chamber Music Festival 2014