Since 2007, Premiere Performances has presented some of classical music’s biggest names, including over 50 artists in solo recitals, and over 150 more through the Chamber Music Festival, Family Series and Chamber Music in Schools.


Behzod Abduraimov

Recital Series 2012 (HK Debut)

Claudia Ajmone-Marsan

Chamber Music Festival 2009 (HK Debut)

Akoustic Odyssey

Family Series 2017

Jamal Aliyev

Recital Series 2022

Benjamin Appl 阿佩爾

Recital Series 2018 (HK Debut)

Nigel Armstrong


Pablo Aslan 阿斯蘭

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2019

Rita Shuk-yee Au 區淑儀

Family Series 2015

Avi Avital 艾維塔

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2019 | Recital Series 2015 (HK Debut)

B'Tutta B頭四敲擊樂團

Family Series 2019 (HK Debut)

Richard Bamping 鮑力卓

Family Series 2015 & 2014 |
Chamber Music Festival 2015, 2013 & 2012

Tanya Bannister

Chamber Music Festival 2009

Inon Barnatan

Chamber Music Festival 2013 (HK Debut)

Alessio Bax and Lucille Chung

10th Anniversary 2017 |
Recital Series 2013 | Family Series 2013

Martin Beaver 比弗

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2019, 2016 & 2015

Juliana Beckel 貝麗安

Family Series 2017

Nicola Benedetti

Recital Series 2011 (HK Debut)

Lise Berthaud 貝托

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2019

Best of Brass 阿BoB銅管樂五重奏

Family Series 2018 (HK Debut)

Emily Beynon 貝儂

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

Borromeo String Quartet 博羅美奧四重奏

Chamber Music Festival 2020 & 2017 (HK Debut)

Aaron Boyd 博伊德

Beare's Premiere Music Festival 2020

James Boznos 龐樂思

Chamber Music Festival 2016

Rebecca Braham

Chamber Music Festival 2010