What is Chamber Music?

Chamber music is a form of classical music played by two to ten players, one instrument per part, in close musical conversation.

Why Bring a Chamber Music Ensemble to your School?

Introduce your students to chamber music through high-quality professional performances – our exceptional ensembles are sure to inspire a love of music in your students! Each ensemble offers an educational, interactive performance for up to 300 students and a personalized workshop (only provided by overseas groups) for up to 30 students.

In addition to the live performance and workshops, Education Kits will be provided to participating music teachers, providing a range of pre– and post–performance activities to maximize the impact of the performance.

EDB curriculum requirements for senior-level music require students to perform one piece in a small ensemble (one instrument per part) so exposure to, and understanding of, chamber music is essential. Chamber Music in Schools is a perfect choice for an “Other Learning Experience” programme for your students.