The Chamber Music in Schools Programme (CMIS), PPHK’s flagship Education & Outreach programme, is committed to cultivating a love of music – both for listening and playing.

Launched in 2012, in partnership with Musica Viva Australia (MVA) – one of the world’s leading presenters of chamber music education programmes – we present interactive concerts suitable for all types of schools in Hong Kong, including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as special educational needs schools.

World-class Ensembles | Diversified Programmes

Ten years on, we are thrilled to have organised around 500 inspiring performances in over 250 schools (reaching over 120,000 students), and now boast four in-house local ensembles – Viva! Pipers (2016-), Fiesta Brass (2017-), Romer String Quartet (2019-), and Rhythmaker (2022-). Each ensemble focuses on one of the four instrument families and presents a unique programme mentored by MVA and local professionals. Hosted interactively by the musicians themselves, the concerts feature a wide range of music from different periods and styles – from Haydn to John Williams, from classical to tango – played on an equally wide range of instruments, like from flute & violin to pots & cans!

Wide Reach | Profound Impact

Through our eclectic and thoughtful programming, PPHK aims to inspire and instil a love of music. According to a survey for teachers and students in 2021/22:

Over 43% of the students who attended a CMIS concert had never seen a live performance before. Every teacher agreed that their students learned a great deal about the music and instruments played in the performances, and nearly 70% of the teachers agreed that the best part of our concert for their students was hearing the instruments live. , After attending our CMIS concert, almost 70% of students would like to attend more concerts in the future, and of those who are already learning an instrument, over 75% of them were inspired to practice more after the concert.  Lastly, over 70% of music teachers would rate our CMIS programme higher than similar programmes provided by other organizations.

Want more details? | What’s next?

Our local ensembles perform regularly at schools across Hong Kong. Each performance lasts approximately 1 hour and is most suitable for a group size of 300 or less. Learn more about our ensembles and their programmes by clicking the links below. Or, you may get in touch by clicking “Contact us” on the right of this page.