Outside Elements

20 January 2019 (Sunday) 8:00 pm Duration: 2 hours
Concert Hall, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts View map
$380, $240, $100

This concert showcases music that incorporates or has been influenced by elements outside traditional classical music while traversing the spectrum of sound and emotions.  Musical elements include both the “stride’ of jazz piano as refined by Fats Waller and Duke Ellington and incorporated by Turnage, and the rustic harmonies of folk music referenced by Bartók.  Inspiration also comes from the Spanish Renaissance master El Greco’s mystical portraits in the music of George Tsontakis.  Finally, experience the impact of Vienna’s musical past, both nostalgic and ironic, heard in Korngold’s Suite Opus 23, commissioned for left-handed pianist Paul Wittgenstein.

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Mark-Anthony Turnage Slide Stride
Martin Beaver (violin), Cho-Liang Lin (violin), Lise Berthaud (viola), Julian Steckel (cello), Andreas Haefliger (piano)

Béla Bartók Romanian Folk Dances
Avi Avital (mandolin), Dover Quartet, George Lomdaridze (bass)

George Tsontakis Portraits by El Greco (Asian Premiere)
David Shifrin (clarinet), Paul Huang (violin), Yura Lee (viola), Li-Wei Qin (cello), Evelyn Chang (piano)


Erich Korngold Suite for 2 violins, cello & piano left hand, Op. 23
Martin Beaver (violin), Cho-Liang Lin (violin), Julian Steckel (cello), Andreas Haefliger (piano)

Participating Musicians

Dover Quartet (string quartet)
Avi Avital (mandolin)
Martin Beaver (violin)
Lise Berthaud (viola)
Evelyn Chang (piano)
Andreas Haefliger (piano)
Paul Huang (violin)
Yura Lee (viola)
Cho-Liang Lin (violin)
George Lomdaridze (bass)
Li-Wei Qin (cello)
David Shifrin (clarinet)
Julian Steckel (cello)

Programme may be subject to change.

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20 January 2019 (Sunday) 8:00 pm Duration: 2 hours
Concert Hall, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts View map
$380, $240, $100

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