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Highlights from the (cancelled) 2022 Beare’s Premiere Music Festival

Now available online

25 August 2022 (Thursday) 2:00 pm Duration:
Premiere Performances YouTube Channel

Streaming Beare’s Premiere Music Festival 2022 on YouTube!

Back in January 2022, world-class musicians traveled from all over the world to Hong Kong, many of them enduring a 21 day quarantine, to perform in the Beare’s Premiere Music Festival. After several days of rehearsals, the concert halls were suddenly closed due to the latest COVID wave, and the whole Beare’s Premiere Music Festival had to be cancelled.

Instead of sending the musicians home, we decided to carry on, continue rehearsing and record the Festival repertoire with this special group of musicians. We hired a professional team of video and sound engineers and recorded selected highlights from the Festival programme. And now you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind digital chamber music festival!

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EPISODE 1 –  TCHAIKOVSKY: Souvenirs de Florence, Op. 70

Dan Zhu (violin), Kiann Chow (violin), Born Lau (viola), Ringo Chan (viola), Richard Bamping (cello), Eric Yip (cello)

EPISODE 2 –  MAHLER Piano Quartet in A minor

Dan Zhu (violin), Andrew Ling (viola), Richard Bamping (cello), Zee Zee (piano)

EPISODE 3 – SHOSTAKOVICH Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano

Dan Zhu (violin), Ruda Lee (violin) , Chiyan Wong (piano)

EPISODE 4 – WEINZIERL Nachtstuck for 4 violas, Op. 34

Andrew Ling, Ringo Chan, Yat Lee, Born Lau

EPISODE 5 – SCHUMANN Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 47

Dan Zhu (violin), Born Lau (viola), Richard Bamping (cello), Zee Zee Zhang Zuo (piano)

EPISODE 6 – Clara SCHUMANN Three Romances Op. 22

Born Lau (viola), Evelyn Chang (piano)

EPISODE 7 – BRUCH Eight Pieces for Violin, Viola and Piano, Op. 83 (selection)

Dan Zhu (violin), Yat Lee (viola), Chiyan Wong (piano)

EPISODE 8 – YORK BOWEN Fantasia for 4 violas in E minor, Op. 41, No. 1

Andrew Ling, Ringo Chan, Yat Lee, Born Lau


Recorded and produced by Premiere Performances of Hong Kong.

Video Production

Yip Tsz Lam, music video director
Cheung Wai-Lok, video
Cheung Choi -sang, Samson, video
Cheung King Leung, moon, video
Ma Chi-Yuen, Jason, video

Audio Production

Roy Cheung, Music Producer and Engineer
Li Ming Yip, Assistant Engineer
Wong Ka Chun, Assistant Engineer

25 August 2022 (Thursday) 2:00 pm Duration:
Premiere Performances YouTube Channel